DIY Pallet Furniture!

I have recently been obsessed with pallet furniture. Anything from tables to beds you can guarantee I have looked at it.  I am going to show ya’ll some of the awesome ideas I have ran across.You may ask yourself where in the world do I get pallets or if I already have pallets is there something specific reasons I can or can not use them. Here is a helpful link you may use if you decide to try making some pallet furniture.

First on my list is pallet furniture for your patio or back yard. I am hoping in the near future possibly in the spring to make this idea come to life. It is perfect if you have a small back yard!

Next if you are wanting some awesome ideas for inside the house this is for you. I  have been looking at possibly creating a bed or a coffee table. Pinterest is must if you are looking for unique DIY creations. I have found a lot of cute ideas for in home pallet furniture. Here is another link if you are looking for a variety of different pallet options, it also includes some decor as well!                                                                           

3 thoughts on “DIY Pallet Furniture!

  1. besthorsemanship says:

    I’m glad you posted those DIY sites!! I used Ana White to make my coffee and end tables and I’m always looking for more ideas. I need to try pallets next since my boyfriend gets a lot of free ones from his job!


  2. kristenhargis says:

    My best friend literally just did this herself, it was pretty cool. Her’s was used more as a coffee table. I’ve been wanting to try something like this!


  3. bumpasblog says:

    I’m not much of a decorator but my girlfriend lifted our bed with pallets and I have to say it does add a special touch to the room.


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